What kinda stuff will be on here?

For now, Splatoon. That's about it. That's where I'm fixated on for now (and have been for several years tbh)

I mean, so far 1/2 of the website is (currently planned to be) dedicated to Breakpoints, which is my Splatoon Fan Fic so it's not really that surprising.

A few other things will probably pop up from time to time, probably related to Dota 2 or League of Legends.

Regardless, if you want to look through I hope you find something you like

So what exactly am I gonna do on here?

Well, for now It's going to be finish the shell of the site itself. I need a place to put my stuff before I can put my stuff there.

After that though, I'll probably put up a new post/edit this one whenever I put something new up. For now, It will mostly be writing, that is where ost of my effort is going at the moment, but later on I'd like to post my music and art here too.

Current Projects

Primary Projects

  • Writing for Breakpoints: Introduction & Acclimation Arcs
  • Outlining for All Arcs Breakpoints
  • Neocities development
  • Music

Secondary Projects

  • Writing for Breakpoints Arc 3 & 4
  • Learning how to draw